Decking – Hardwood



  • Now more widely available, ipe (E-pay) is a durable teak-like tropical hardwood sold as Ironwood or Pau Lope (pow LOW-pay).
  • Twice as strong as oak,
  • More durable than redwood and cedar.
  • All grades are virtually knot-free.
  • Tight grain patterns make this wood impervious to water.
  • Another tropical hardwood option is cambara; it’s less durable than ipe but also knot-free.


  • Expensive.
  • Requires pre-drilling for fasteners resulting in higher labor costs.
  • Availability: Ipe is available in most standard dimensions, including 5/456 in. for deck tops and 2-by dimensions for handrails, joists and posts. But delivery can take up to three weeks.

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