Gutter Topper Imitators Can’t Pass the Test

When you sneeze, do you reach for a Kleenex? And when you need to make a copy, do you Xerox it? Companies often hate it when their trademarks are used to describe other products, but at Gutter Covers International, we’re flattered when customers say they need “gutter toppers” to prevent gutter clogs – because we manufacturer and sell the one, the only, the original Gutter Topper.

It’s the ultimate compliment when the general public begins to use our trademarked Gutter Topperbrand name to define the entire gutter guard category. But when it comes to gutter protection, there is a huge difference between Gutter Topper and the pretenders in the marketplace.

Sure, others describe themselves as” gutter toppers.” But the original Gutter Topper is the only gutter guard that has been independently tested and certified to keep your gutters free flowing and free of debris.  Gutter Topper has been independently tested to:

Gutter Topper gutter guards are uniquely designed with eleven critical bends of strength to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it.  Gutter Topper, with its patented design, is the most effective, efficient system available – and that’s something our imitators can’t claim.

As a general contractor, I saw the serious damage to homes caused by clogged gutters, including flooded basements and foundation damage.  I knew these problems could be prevented if I could create a “topper” for gutters that would prevent leaves and debris from collecting. The result was the introduction of Gutter Topper – and now millions of feet of our product have been installed on homes in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Unlike our imitators, Gutter Topper also is proudly made in the USA at our manufacturing facility just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. On our plant floor, you’ll find sophisticated digitally controlled manufacturing equipment others don’t have. Each machine was uniquely built to flawlessly produce Gutter Topper’s patented design. At a time when manufacturing jobs are leaving the USA, we’re proud to buck the trend.

So when you want a gutter protection product you can depend on, a gutter guard that will work as advertised, and a gutter cover system that protects your home and keeps your gutters debris free, you want “the original” Gutter Topper. That’s why we proudly tell our customers:  “Accept no substitute!”

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